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We at the Museum are lucky to have so many wonderful volunteers – you seeIntern project Fall 2011 1 them at the Visitor Services desk, the Museum Store, in the Children’s Museum and helping with special events.  Sometimes though, our volunteers are less visible.  We have many volunteers to assist with the Museum’s Collections – they help with cataloguing, organizing, researching and inventorying our over 13,000 historic artifacts.  These behind-the-scenes volunteers are incredibly important, just like their more visible counterparts in the public areas of the Museum.

Here is a little peek at one project currently in progress.  Kristin Walberg, an Archival Studies student and Museum volunteer, is working on inventorying and rehousing our collection of historic magazines:

Intern project Fall 2011 2

We now have a full inventory of these magazines and have started relocating them into archival quality boxes to help preserve them for future researchers and for exhibits at the Museum.




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