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"Lay Of(f) the Land": Nordic Narratives by the Art Alliance of the Arctic South

Exhibit Closes Sunday, June 16, 2024

Profoundly shaped by Nordic culture and nature, the Art Alliance of the Arctic South (A-A-A-S) offers a diverse range of works reflecting a deep connection to the environment. From intricate collages to life-size sculptural installations, eight Scandinavian artists intertwine personal and collective identity against vast landscapes, urging us to consider our collective path and the pressing need for change. The exhibition is curated by Vasia Rigou.

The Art Alliance of the Arctic South (A-A-A-S) brings together the work of Dragos Alexandrescu (Finland), Linnéa Therese Dimitriou (Sweden), Heidi-Anett Haugen (Norway), Hanna Kanto (Finland), Lotta Lampa (Sweden), Patricia Rodas (Finland), Anastasia Savinova (Sweden), and Madelaine Sillfors (Sweden).

Find out more about A-A-A-S on their website.

Västkust - Observations From the Swedish West Coast by Frank Streetart

Exhibit Opening With the Artist Friday, June 21, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. *Frank will be speaking at 7 p.m.

Exhibit Closes Sunday, Aug. 18

Original works and art prints by stencil artist Frank Streetart, and photos of Frank’s art in locations throughout Sweden. The focus lies in the people, animals and nature of the Swedish West Coast, with an ongoing element of contrast between the traditional and the unexpected.

Raoul Wallenberg Gallery

"We Left Home" by Verna Todd

Exhibit Closes Sunday, May 26, 2024

We Left Home began as a way for Todd to know her quiet dad more deeply.  One hundred years ago, he immigrated as a 17-year-old from the Swedish area of Finland to Hoquiam, Washington.  From family photographs, her dad’s diaries and stories, trips to the old country, and elderly family members’ memories, Todd has created a photographic history of her father’s journey.  In addition, she has explored the influences that shaped the man he became – folk culture, history, religion, immigration issues, and family tragedy.

One Hundred Years Ago...

"On August 29, 1922, Valter Pettersson his home in the Swedish part of Finland to come to America.  He was to become my dad, and this is his story. He was diagnosed with tuberculosis the day after I was born, and he always kept his distance to protect me. Creating this exhibit has given me a new closeness to him and a new appreciation of who he was." -Verna Todd

Coming Soon: "The Last Swedes: Half-Century Old Photographs of Swedish-Americans in Brooklyn, NY" - Photography by Per-Olof Odman

Exhibit Opening Friday, May 31, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. Exhibit Closes Sunday, Sept. 29.

A photography exhibit by Per-Olof Odman featuring Swedish-Americans living in Brooklyn, NY in 1974. Through his photos, Odman captured the last remaining residents of a once bustling Swedish neighborhood of Bay Ridge. Never before shown in the U.S., this exhibit invites visitors to draw parallels between Bay Ridge and Andersonville and notice differences between the two historic Swedish neighborhoods.


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