Hanna Richter

Hanna Richter


Hanna lives in the Swedish city Jönköping but has lived most of her life in the much smaller town Ljungby.

Hanna during a walk in her home town Ljungby.

Hanna is a Swedish-German. She was born in Germany but moved to Sweden when she was five years old. She speaks fluent German and her German heritage could also be seen in her culture and traditions. Christmas is celebrated in a more German way in Hanna’s family, and she says that they celebrate Easter more seriously than most Swedes. Hanna and her family also celebrate the German holiday St Nicholas Day on the 6th of December. Hanna loves sharing her German traditions with other people.

Beautiful traditional German houses from Hanna’s home district in Germany.

Hanna loves sharing and talking about the Swedish nature with other people. She also wants other people to know that Sweden is a safe and good country to live in, with free health care and free education. According to Hanna, Sweden is a country where you feel safe and taken care of, mostly due to the generous welfare system.

During a cold, snowy Winter day in Sweden.

Hanna’s favorite artist is Carl Larsson, a Swedish artist known for his watercolor-paintings of family life. His painting style is influenced by the “Arts and Crafts Movement” and his paintings are well known and appreciated in Sweden.

In her free time, Hanna likes reading, hanging out with friends and family and dog-sitting.

One of the dogs Hanna is dog-sitting. His name is Casper and he is a Miniature Schnauzer. In the photo some white Windflowers could also be seen, which bloom during spring in Sweden.

Hanna’s biggest inspiration is her parents. She thinks it was extremely brave of them to move to another country and to learn a completely new language. It is inspiring to her and she knows that they would support her if she would ever be in a similar situation.

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